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KA WA KEY thinks "twink" and fucks gender. KA WA KEY is a gender-fluid label that reimagines traditional textile crafts and reworks everyday knitwear and casualwear with the designers' roots of the Asian and Scandinavian aesthetics.


KA WA KEY's work has been featured at on-schedule London Fashion Week Men's, Paris Fashion Week, New York Fashion Week and Shanghai Fashion Week sponsored by GQ China. They represented London menswear at London Show ROOMS in Paris Fashion Week Men's. KA WA KEY was nominated as one of the semi-finalists of International Woolmark Prize.


KA WA KEY highly values sustainability against most of the environmentally unfriendly and unethical practices from the fashion industry - including from developing own fabrics with organic natural fibers and yarns from upcycled materials like recycled polyester as alternatives to synthetics, developing innovative fabrics to replace animal leathers and fur, minimizing wastes with fully-fashion knitting technology, to working with printing factory using ZERO-D technology with clean and efficient nature's dye with zero pollution.

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